I had worked many years as a librarian in cities both at home and overseas. Moving back to Canada, we bought five acres on Vancouver Island and started a small farm to grow flowers and food and have a few chickens and ducks.

A hobby farmer was born.

In 1996 we moved up here to B.C.’s Peace River region and bought seven acres, more gardens and fruit trees and chickens.  

Then I saw that picture and fell in love with rare breed sheep.

Two mixed-breed ewes were introduced to our menagerie of chickens, geese, turkeys, wild boars and rescue calves. I couldn’t find those rare breed sheep then so happily lived with with Annie and Aggie and their offspring.

After shearing one Spring, I fell in love with yarn and so began knitting. It took a couple of years to get wool from my girls but I did get 3 colours of yarn to knit and sell. All gone.

Then an accident immobilized me for a while and the sheep had to go. I knit constantly still dreaming of those rare breed sheep.

As a gardener, I was fascinated with colour combinations, both deliberate and accidental.  One Spring morning after a cataract operation, I looked out my kitchen window, and was overwhelmed by the glorious colours drifting everywhere and decided then that I had to recreate those colours in yarns for my knitting.

Fast forward: now I dye yarns imported from England from mills near where I grew up in Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire. I do have some of those rare breed wools in my shop Peaceful Yarns and I love them.

Now enter Salt, Pepper, Serena, Selwyn and Ramsey.

But that’s another story.